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  1. The guys are jealous coz i removedthem from my channel and and from a messenger group for copying files
  2. @duckduckgo bro if it is wrong then Banned me,. i will accept this.. I creat 3/6 account bcoz i change my phone regularly and whenever try to login its show incorrectpass or email! I have ojly 3 account now! and i post 1/2 post evry day from this 3account. I can just post 1/2cmnt what i do bro? How can i reply to others... He is calling me spammers... Actually he is a real spammer!! The guy and his some frnd Are cppying my file from my group or my post from another web site. If i claiming my copyright is it wrong or not??? The guys dont even change my folder name also and use my files for earning. You decide bro who is spammer!! Did i ever post a repost or old post? All are new leaked!! Those people secretly was in my group or channel and copying my content. bro Its up to you....