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  1. Bro i think they will return after 1 day 🙂 Waiting 😔 This website saying... https://uptime.com/file-up.org
  2. @DuckDuckGo @Frozen @Robot 2.0 @DesiJaat6162 @AnujSingh Anyone know, when the file-up Downloading problem will solve? Plzz Tell us 🙂 when i go for download from File-up then showing this. I have been trying for last 3 days. Plz tell us whats the problem ?
  3. @Frozen @Frozeni.. I know her personally. She is my Neighbor. She lives in front of my building. Her name is sneha & she lives in (Bagerhat District, khulna -Bangladesh 🇧🇩)
  4. @DuckDuckGo Hey Boss This is showing when i want to download file from Fileup... when the Fileup problem will solve? Or not ? Plzz tell me 😑🙂
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