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    1. he z a bzy guy pls jst ask mee ill try to find it for uhh
    2. hi all vibroz those who love mmsbee pls do a favor pls share mmsbee atleast with your one best friend or if possible pls share it in any telegram channels , groups etc
    3. sm one reported clip with face is old one and reaming all clips are semi
    4. who told uh to use dl upload https://mmsbee.com/topic/127851-file-hosting-rules/
    5. man will u pls stop uploading with this useless link why ur making trouble with your links
    6. make it below 500 mb for rap links its just a backup link and and ur providing useless rapid link uh are the one who first introduce sm shitty filehost with telegram link to loot the traffic and always creating troubles
    7. wer is the rapidgator backup link https://mmsbee.com/topic/127851-file-hosting-rules/
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